API Documentation

Using the APIs

The Placecast API framework exposes the following platform capabilities: - Merchant tools for managing locations and content, identifying duplicates, and matching locations across different data sources.
- ShopAlerts APIs for opting users into (and out of) programs, managing their preferences, as well as finding, activating and redeeming nearby offers.
- Location-based advertising APIs provide ad tags for publishing display advertising on mobile and the web.

All of the APIs are exposed using both RESTful and SOAP endpoints. Response payloads can be in XML or JSON. Use the "format" parameter (or simply "f") in your request. For XML f=xml, for JSON f=json.

For security reasons, most of the Placecast APIs require you to provide a unique key with each HTTP request as a parameter. This API key is unique to each account. Use the "key" parameter (or simply "k") in your request.

The API is versioned to provide a stable platform for client developers. Use the "version" parameter (or simply "v") in your request. The current API version is "3.2".

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