Location is at the core of everything that Placecast does, and it all starts with creating and maintaining an accurate model of the real world. LocalBox is Placecast's patented location data management platform that cleans, standardizes and deduplicates location data for some of the world's largest enterprises. Today, Placecast manages tens of millions of merchant records, IDs and addresses, and dozens of spatial data sets from around the globe.

LocalBox is the world's leading enterprise solution for large scale location data management.

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What LocalBox Offers

Create constantly updated, standardized and deduplicated master location database

Enrich, validate and augment merchant database with static and dynamic content from unlimited number of sources

Create 'best record' for each merchant, blending highest quality attributes from multiple data sources

Expose UIs, APIs and workflows to support any user who would create, read, update or delete merchant info

Support ongoing feedback loops to augment and validate merchant info (e.g. pre-processed or real-time transaction data)

Publish data to external systems in any format, in real-time or asynchronously

Implement in any country in as little as 45 days