We put audience in place®
A location-based mobile DSP with dynamic localized creative, access to billions of location-based impressions, and store-level analytics.

PlaceAd makes it easier than ever before for media buyers to target and reach mobile audiences based on their location. In addition to location, advertisers can target and optimize messaging using criteria like age, gender, interests, device type/operating system, time of day and weather.

PlaceAd is a demand-side platform (DSP) built uniquely to maximize the value of location-based inventory on mobile. PlaceAd's programmatic buying tools, analytics, and included dynamic rich media engine are optimized for location-based campaigns. Placecast's decision engine automatically optimizes campaign performance, and has been refined over four years, thousands of location-based campaigns, and millions of geofences created. By employing Placecast's patented technology, PlaceAd can manage geofenced and geotargeted campaigns based on the quality of the location data across billions of impressions with integrated reporting, and store-level analytics. Placecast is also in partnership with some of the largest ad exchanges and SSPs, including MoPub, PubMatic and Smaato. With these key partnerships in place, Placecast can provide substantial reach for brands across thousands of mobile publishers and billions of monthly impressions.

Key Features

Reach across thousands of safe mobile publishers for location-based mobile display inventory: Via partnerships with PubMatic, MoPub, Smaato and others...

Transparency on location source and accuracy: Placecast is totally transparent about where your campaigns appear.

Real-time bidding: The ability to price and deliver on a per-impression basis in real-time; IAB RTB 2.1 spec compliant.
Dynamic Creative
Clients can change elements in the ad based on location, time of day, or other info on the consumer.
Using both proximity geofencing and metro-level data.
Audience Targeting
Audience can be targeted based on content, via place profiling, or via 3rd party audience data targeting.
Store-level Analytics & Reporting
Consolidated campaign reporting shows impressions, clicks, eCPM, CPCs and other campaign metrics down to the individual store location. Heatmaps can be used to see campaign activity near targeted areas.
Machine Learning & Optimization
Placecast's decision engine optimizes campaign performance based on activity across placements and publishers to maximize performance.