PlaceAd is a mobile advertising solution that leverages Placecast's large scale enterprise location technology to maximize the value of mobile advertising.

For advertisers looking for their audience in the real world, PlaceAd delivers location-based campaigns with unmatched performance. PlaceAd starts with audience targeting derived from real-time location, user behavior and verifiable audience data coming directly from the enterprise. On top of precise audience targeting, PlaceAd brings dynamic creative and automated campaign optimization based on thousands of campaigns and millions of geofences. To measure the real-world impact of campaigns, PlaceAd also includes store level attribution and reporting that measures impressions, clicks and even store visits at the most granular level - the store. Finally, advertisers can target real audiences when they are on their mobile devices and measure the real world impact of their spend.

For enterprises, PlaceAd offers a secure, privacy-first solution for monetizing user data through mobile advertising. PlaceAd is a turnkey solution featuring robust tools including secure user identity and consent management, anonymous user profiling and segmentation, programmatic media buying, integrations with the leading mobile ad exchanges, and a full suite of managed service options. Placecast acts as a secure data processor, deriving anonymized audience segments based on real data from the enterprise like purchase history, device usage history and location history and enriching mobile ad campaigns for advertisers. PlaceAd's private audience exchange enables enterprises to capture significantly more value from the $30 B mobile ad market than from selling data alone, while ensuring that no sensitive data is exposed to the broader ad ecosystem. Advertisers can target and buy campaigns based on verifiable anonymized segments while enterprises maintain the security and value of their valuable data assets.

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What PlaceAd Offers

Proven enterprise grade technology optimized over six years, thousands of mobile campaigns and millions of locations

The industry's most accurate location database built on patented technology

Powerful mobile audience segments based on real world behavior

Secure user identity and consent management

The industry's only store-level campaign analytics package

Turnkey solutions with full managed services

"Placecast makes running a location-based mobile display campaign easy. Their team helped us with every aspect of the campaign, and the platform effectively delivered my ads to the right target audience near the store."

- Graham Pocialik, Trade Marketing Manager, Electrolux

How PlaceAd Delivers

Placecast can help monetize user data such as network location from carriers, CRM user data, or transaction data from payment companies, by creating verifiable audience segments that can be targeted for specific mobile ad campaigns.

The places we visit, say a lot about who we are and what we like. Based on a person's location history, we can build highly accurate audience segments. To find more targeted audiences, Placecast can also build custom audience segments using multiple data sources and methodologies, such as a combination of behavioral segments and 3rd party data.

Connect with your audience when they are on-the-go and in a mindset to make a purchase. PlaceAd uses location data to reach consumers when they are nearby stores, and can personalize the ad in real-time with the dynamic location address, to drive them to the store.

After a user is served a location-based ad, we can measure ad effectiveness to determine attribution by establishing the store visit rate, based on the foot traffic to the store. For shopper marketing clients, coupon redemption is another measure of perfomance attribution.

Quiznos caters to the right audience, at the right place, with an optimized, location-based mobile display campaign

The objective of this campaign was to promote the Quiznos catering menu to people nearby Quiznos locations that were most likely to make large order, catering purchases.

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